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Self-Sanitizing Door Handle

How it works

Door handles are usually a common surface that is used by many people in their daily life especially in public or crowded places such as airports, malls, schools, hospitals, subways, workplaces, etc. So they may be considered as an infection spreading factor.

Since the door handle is a common surface that is used by many people on the same day and the importance of sanitizing it, many solutions were presented, such as:

  • Manually sanitizing it: by a person/ staff who is devoted to sanitize the door handles manually, but in public toilets for example in addition to its privacy problems, it needs many workers to sanitize the door handles.
  • Mechanisms /solutions that required major changes or installations to the existing doors and/or continually be supplied by consumables.


The present invention seeks to provide a solution to these problems by providing a self-sanitizing door handle device with a handle covered by a rotating belt mechanism that is exposed to a germicidal UVC light while rotating which allows to continuously sanitize the touchable handle

Also, it can be installed as a replacement for most of the common door handles without any major changes and installations to the door and does not need a continuous supply of consumables.

With a base that fits with most of the common door handles, The sanitizing part contains UVC germicidal light that the belt surface is exposed to and covered by a nice designed cover to protect the eye from direct expose to the UVC light.

The handle arm was designed to handle the force applied to open the door, and covered with a rotating belt that rotates after the handle is used and sanitized by the UVC.

Advantages of Door Handle

  • Fits as a replacement for most of the existing door handles.
  • 10 seconds the needed time for sanitization.
  • Can be manufactured in many designs and shapes with good flexibility.
  • Over One Million use lamp lifetime.
  • User friendly and safe.
  • High sanitizing efficiency (99% for most bacteria and viruses including corona Covid)

3 power options:

  1. Wired
  2. Rechargeable battery
  3. Wireless charging (at door