Innovative Self-Sanitizing Door Handle

A complete automated solution for your door handles to be disinfected after every touch

How does it work?

In every environment imaginable, including residences, public spaces, offices, schools, dining establishments, and more... A door handle is a regularly touched surface, making them a crucial point of contact and a source of diseases thanks to the millions of dangerous germs they harbor.

Solutions to sanitizing door handles could be:

Manual sanitization

Devoted staff for the overall sanitization of the premises. Normally sanitizing door handles by the use of chemicals, which in return results in running costs for the purchase of chemical material and changing shifts.

Mechanisms /solutions

that required significant changes or installations to the existing doors and/or continually be supplied by consumables.

Benefits & Advantages

Fits as a replacement for most of the existing door handles.
10 seconds is the needed time for sanitization.
It can be manufactured in many designs and shapes with good flexibility.
Over One Million use lamp lifetime.
User-friendly and safe.
High sanitizing efficiency (99% for most bacteria and viruses including corona Covid)

Ways Of Integration

Rechargeable battery
Wireless charging (at door)