Advanced Jamming Solutions

Designed for flexible & versatile use with emitted ultrasonic spectrum

How does it work?

The Brigidbox Jammer 360 is a little, portable device that disables or jams audio recordings in cell phones and other gadgets that safeguard private audio data during talks in offices, public spaces, and even cars. It is quick and simple to install.

Advantages and Features

Wireless, turned on/off via a button switch through the Brigidbox Jammer 360 App which controls several jamming devices simultaneously or one at a time.
A microcontroller that is in charge of 48 high-quality transducers on the Jammer 360 that generates ultrasonic sound waves to efficiently jam the recording microphones.
Power supply: equipped with rechargeable batteries that can be directly powered by 110/230V power outlets and last for four hours of continuous use when fully charged.
The device is equipped with LED indications that display the status of the power source, the battery, and whether or not there is interference.

Technical Characteristics

Jamming Direction:

omnidirectional (360)

Type of emission interference:

complex structured ultrasonic noise

Jamming effect:

up to 4 meters

Operation time from the battery:

4 hours when fully charged


not more than 800g