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Escalator Handrail Sanitizer PLUS

Easy to set up and can be installed on all
Escalators Handrail’s Manufacturer!

One time setup and the escalator is sanitized for at least 1 year without any maintenance.

Escalator Handrails are known to be one of the most touched surfaces,
therefore, diseases can easily be transmitted through them.

More than 105 billion passengers ride escalators each year.

Each hour over 30,000 people ride escalators worldwide.

List of some diseases which can be transmitted by touch:

  • Giardia infection, hand, foot, and mouth disease,
  • hepatitis A,
  • rotavirus infection,
  • Salmonella infection,
  • worms and Ringworm,
  • Chickenpox,
  • Cold sores (herpes simplex infection),
  • school sores (impetigo), and more.

We have developed a device that is easy to install and can adjust to any escalator by its (Patent) auto-adjust chassis.
The device uses UV-C as the method of sanitization, instead of using harmful chemicals which may eventually lead to health issues if the fumes from them are inhaled.

  • Effective sanitization for escalator handrail, the most touchable surface in public areas.
  • Simple, easy to install on existing and new escalators.
  • Auto operation, long lamp life 13,000 hrs.
  • 10.1″ display.
  • High UV-C intensity ( 50mj/cm2 ) at high speeds (1.0m/s)
  • Installed externally, no modification or work on the escalator’s body
  • Low power consumption (< 235w).
  • Fits most of the handrail sections and curvatures (F50-100 cm).
  • Displays directions, gates, utilities OR can display advertisements commercially.