Introducing the Brigid Innovation: Pioneering Hygiene and Technology Solutions

At Brigid Innovation, we are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that blend hygiene and technology to create a safer, cleaner, and more advanced world.

Patented Hygiene Technology

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We are proud to offer three patented innovations that redefine public hygiene standards. For instance, our self-sanitizing escalator handrails utilize cutting-edge technology to eliminate germs, promoting community well-being and safety.

Privacy Protection Solutions

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Our flagship product, the BrigidBox-Jammer, provides unparalleled privacy protection by ensuring secure conversations. This ingenious device creates a secure zone where concealed microphones cannot record meetings, offering peace of mind in sensitive environments.

Next-Gen Research & Development:

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Beyond our own innovations, we serve as a trusted partner for companies seeking to push the boundaries of technological advancement. Collaboratively, we develop innovative products and engineering solutions, leveraging our expertise to drive meaningful impact.