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Ensures your Right to
be free from recording!

How it works

Brigidbox Jammer 360 is a small size recording microphone jammer. It jams cellphone’s microphones or any undeclared microphones from recording.

Brigidbox Jammer 360 emits ultra-sound waves which are not audible to human ears but audible to the recording microphones.
Brigidbox Jammer 360 sends none audible noise to the recording microphone so that only the noise is recorded and later the noise is played during play back so that the recorded conversation will not be known.

It also prevents eavesdropping through hidden-microphones (wires).
Brigidbox Jammer 360 was successfully tested on a range of widely used cellphones in the market including high-end cellphones.

Advantages and Features

  • Can be turned on/off via a button switch or wirelessly through Brigidbox Jammer 360 App which is capable to control multi jamming devices simultaneously and/or individually through your smart phone.
  • The Brigidbox Jammer 360 is equipped with 48 high-quality transducers, controlled by a microchip that automatically generates random ultrasonic soundwaves to effectively jam the recording microphones.
  • Power supply: equipped with rechargeable batteries lasts for 4 hours of continuous operation when fully charged and could be directly powered from power mains 110/220V.
  • Power, battery, and jamming indicators: the device is furnished with LED indicators that show power and battery status and operational mode.
  • The emitted ultrasonic spectrum is safe and none harmful.

2 power options:

  1. Wired
  2. Rechargeable battery