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UVC Technology

Ultraviolet sterilization using UV-C LED is the principle that when ultraviolet rays of UV-C wavelength are sufficiently irradiated to germs such as viruses or bacteria, DNA in cells is destroyed and no longer grows and dies.
This requires "sufficient energy" and "time" to break the double strands of DNA, depending on the type of germs. The UVC rays damage the DNA/RNA structure inside the cell, which results in the pathogen being either killed or made incapable of replicating.
With a real sterilization effect of 99.99%, Brigid Innovation sterilizes the moving escalator and travelator handrail surface in secondary sterilization.
Powered by the rotational force of the escalator handrail, it requires no electrical connection whatsoever. The internal UV lamp has an estimated lifespan of 13,000 hours, meaning it is highly cost-effective too.
The physical sanitization method that employs UVC lighting technology effectively and environmentally friendly sanitizes escalator and travelator handrails. The design of the exterior installation does not call for any work to be done on escalators or travelators, either new or old.

UVC Technology

This current invention aims to provide a solution to these issues by creating a self-sanitizing door handle device with a handle covered by a rotating belt mechanism that is exposed to a germicidal UVC light while spinning, which continuously permits sanitizing of the touchable handle surface.

The sanitizing solution reservoir includes a seal that scrapes excess sanitizing solution and bacterial particulates from the pull when the pull exits the sanitizing solution reservoir. An ultraviolet (UV) light source within the housing exposes the pull to UV light at least while the drive motor is activated. A power source configured to provide energy to the drive motor and UV light source.

With a base that fits with most of the common door handles, the sanitizing part contains UVC germicidal light that the belt surface is exposed to and is covered by a nicely designed cover to protect the eye from direct exposure to the UVC light. The handle arm was designed to handle the force applied to open the door and was covered with a rotating belt that rotates after the handle is used and sanitized by the UVC.

Jammer Technology

A unique and effective ultrasonic device used to protect classified information, based on a special algorithm for generating the digital ultrasonic jamming signal. The device effectively protects confidential conversations, conferences, business conferences, and secret meetings against eavesdropping and recording with any voice recorders.

The BrigidBox Jammer 360 generates ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to human ears but audible to recording microphones. The Jammer then transforms the recording into damaged noises during playback whenever any unauthorized recording equipment captures a conversation. It also prevents eavesdropping through hidden microphones (wires).