"It is insufficient to advise visitors or travelers to practice proper hand hygiene. A system that ensures continuous sterilization of surfaces that come into contact with a high number of people is required."

During the pandemic, many large commercials have realized they need to sanitize all their facilities, particularly the most touchable areas like escalators. Because they are typically impractical and employ harmful chemicals, sanitizing and disinfection companies were not always a successful way to sanitize escalators.

Another impact the pandemic had was on advertising methods, and since advertising is often seen as a “window to the world,” Brigid Innovation had to do something about it.

Elimination of germs during disinfection of handrails

The Brigid Innovation Escalator Handrail Sanitizer/PLUS uses UV-C ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9% of germs from escalator and conveyor belt handrails, providing greater safety in high-traffic areas.

The physical sanitization process that employs UVC lighting technology sanitizes escalator handrails in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The design of the external installation requires no work on new or existing escalators.

Thanks to its patented auto-adjust chassis, our innovative device is adaptable to any escalator and works with digital signage software.

Escalator Advertising Solution

Escalators are everywhere and glaringly obvious. Just imagine if you could capitalize on their noticeability to increase awareness of your brand. With an AdScreen installed on escalators, you can turn those enormous escalators into an advertisement for your company.

One of the most effective ways of advertising is continuous exposure. Escalator ads work for you around the clock, invading your customers' purchasing minds deeper and deeper with each passing day.

Brigid Innovation created an Escalator AdScreen designed to make the most of people's attention to content. You can customize your Ad and share it on high-resolution screens for an effective and creative advertisement.

Escalators are sanitized and ready for your creative ads after a single-time setup.

Welcoming a new medical innovation that could alter how you think about sanitizing options for your building, institutions, or any public space.

We've heard of a variety of policies that create an environment  where the risk of COVID transmission could be minimized. They all carried out different results and partly participated to assure the public's awareness that they could go about their day-to-day lifestyle safely. However, ongoing new insights on COVID reveals growing public concern every day, which motivates specialists to devise new countermeasures.

Brigid Innovation, a thriving innovator in this technology, have promoted and implemented the use of this progressive disinfection method and device developed by its team of experts, a group of well-versed in this proprietary technology. During recent years,The Escalator and Travelator Handrail Sanitization Device has grown to become a much more favorable device to ensure all large commercials and institutional guests' well-being and comfort.

“ We innovate to deliver a safe haven for the public and emphasize on the importance of the disinfection process for all touchable surfaces,” says Brigid innovation’s leader of the research Dep.

UV-C has a long history and is a reliable disinfectant. Due to UV-effective C's well-established and scientifically supported germicidal characteristics, the likelihood of transmission for all airborne transmitted diseases has been reduced. 

According to an analysis, the global ultrasound probe disinfection market was worth USD 342.5 million in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.4 percent from 2020 to 2027. In addition, current laws, regulations, industry standards, and recommendations all support the safe use of UV-C.

The first UV-C light disinfection device for escalators was promoted by the South Korean (LG) company[1] as a more effective method of disinfection than the manual process, originally invented by Jonathan Gotsche[2]. According to an analysis conducted by an AI research company , escalator and travelator manufacturers raced to innovate on this unique invention for their own products exponentially after the emergence of COVID and the need for a healthier environment.

Recent research has found that many serious diseases, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, are frequently transmitted from infected surfaces to fingers, eyes, nose, or mouth. While scientists initially believed that COVID-19 mainly spread through airborne contamination, new research indicates that contaminated surfaces are also dangerous to our health.

In 2020, Brigid Innovation's leading minds and operations patented an idea to reduce the constant exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses on public surfaces, which are fast channels for spreading viruses and bacteria, by disinfecting escalator handrails and door handles using UV-C light.

Three blue-glowing UVC lamps emit the most powerful UV beams. As the escalator's handrail loops around and around, it receives a full blast of germ-killing radiation. The power box can be installed on any escalator, which to others, is "The Biggest Challenge."

Brigid Box technology physically sanitizes the handrails of escalators and travelators efficiently and is environmentally friendly. Escalators, whether new or old, won't need to undergo any maintenance as part of the exterior installation design.

Another component of the Brigid Box installation on escalators is an AdScreen, which displays rich graphical content and allows you to reach out to a captive audience of tenants and visitors, making it an ideal way to capture people's attention and deliver targeted communication.

From Germany spreading to the rest of the world, Brigid Innovation ensures health, safety, and security in public areas while providing you with a space for your advertising creativity.

Over the years, many methods and theories about the most effective and cost-friendly disinfection technique have been examined, with UV-C light being a key player in the air, water, and surface disinfection process.

Surfaces that are directly touched by the skin, notably the hand, can be a source of disease transmission to mankind. Frequently touched surfaces can become increasingly contaminated if no remedial action is taken.

Based on a field experiment, Brigid Innovation has studied the microorganisms on hand-touch surfaces in public transport systems; the samples were collected from several surfaces in trains, stations, and buses.

Antimicrobial and self-cleaning surfaces: Efficacy proven for surface disinfectants.

Microorganisms on surfaces in public areas have no set limit, and cleaning efficiency is poorly regulated. Surfaces in these locations are frequently polluted. Therefore, rules should be implemented to evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of these locations' disinfection processes and guidelines. A better solution would be a greater level of microbiological defense on surfaces that are used in public areas.

“UV-C is proven to disinfect colonized surfaces by reducing many bacteria and viruses in a single cycle”.

Several  innovative measures have been developed to prevent the spread of infection on these surfaces. A notable example is the application of UV light to contaminated surfaces, which appears to be a promising alternative for use in public spaces like large businesses and institutions, presenting innovative solutions that don't require human elements, such as automated disinfection gadgets.

Escalator and Travelator Handrail Sanitization

In support of its theories and studies about surface distinction importance, our team has devised an innovative product that automatically disinfects and cleans escalator and travelator handrails in any communal space such as subway stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. This product eliminates the most frequent threats that safety and public health face constantly.

Be safe, be confident With An Evidence-Based Solution.

Handrail Sanitizer 

People are more conscious of health and cleanliness in public places such as malls, airports, and office buildings. Handrails on escalators, in particular, can be a primary source of bacteria transfer. Brigid Innovation Escalator Handrail Sanitizer uses UV-C technology to sanitize these surfaces and keep people safe as they use the handrail. UV-C sanitization has several advantages over traditional cleaning products. Learn more about our escalator handrail sanitizer and how it gives riders peace of mind. 

Continuous UV-C Sanitization Keeps Bacteria Off the Handrails

While traditional chemical cleaning reduces bacteria counts, the cleaning products cause a lot of irritation. It must be reapplied regularly, consuming staff time and using chemicals that can leave a sticky residue. In addition, the handrail material, the environment, and allergy sufferers may all be harmed. Additionally, riders may find manual cleaning inconvenient and occasionally invisible.

E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus are among the 99.9% of bacteria continuous sanitizing systems can eliminate. High-touch handrail surfaces are successfully shielded against the spread of bacteria or disease by UV-C light. Both toxicity and cross-contamination are absent.

Above-ground Units Offer Reassurance to Riders

Brigid Innovation Handrail Sanitizer fits easily over the escalator handrail. The aboveground unit's visibility allows you to demonstrate to the public that their health and well-being are a top priority. A unit concealed within the escalator may be less effective because riders cannot see it and thus are unaware that the handrails are being sanitized. It does not provide the same level of assurance as an above-ground sanitizing unit.

Escalator Handrail Sanitizer PLUS  is a sanitizing unit and an advertising screen designed to increase the impact of people's attention to content.

Peace of Mind with Brigid Box’s Escalator Handrail Sanitizer

UV-C sanitization is a proven method to promote the health and safety of the public. Rather than assigning employees the repetitive task of cleaning handrails with wipes that leave behind chemical residues, invest in Brigid Innovation Escalator Handrail Sanitizer. It's simple to install; it's lightweight, adjustable, and self-generating with a low-voltage generator that can power up to 10 UV-C lamps. It is mounted at the top or bottom of the escalator, so it can continuously kill bacteria on the handrails and requires very little maintenance.

As a prime example of a COVID counterattack institution, a thriving innovative platform, and a designer of leading tech in Germany, Brigid innovation seeks more opportunities in the MENA region, supplying large commercials, and local, and private facilities with their UV-C disinfection technology.

The disinfection of ultrasound probes by manually soaking them in an antiseptic solution is a standard procedure maintained in healthcare facilities. However, with the advent of many life-threatening pathogens, scientists across the globe have developed various technologically advanced disinfection procedures.

Brigid Innovation's lead minds and operations have established an approach to counterattack the consistent exposure to COVID-19’s primary transmission through public areas with dense passenger flow, which are fast channels for spreading viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to its "Patent" auto-adjust chassis, Brigid innovation's cutting-edge device is compatible with digital signage software and can be changed to fit any escalator, high-quality displays are created to optimize the impact of people's attention to content. Displaying information such as instructions, gates, utilities, or even advertisements across the elevator screen can be operated with a single click. Brigid innovation technologies have existed for a long time. This has demonstrated proven experience in the industry, unique in its length, and has given us unsurpassed know-how. 

As a state-of-the-art innovative healthcare solution, Brigid Innovation has prepared a plan to scale into the MENA region and spread awareness of its theoretical advancement. Public awareness regarding this matter has caught attention during the pandemic lifespan. However, people’s proper behavior toward this issue remains rational, so suitable instruments that guarantee their safety must be implemented, no matter how careless some can be.

We at Brigid innovation believe in our mission that states "Public health and safety come first".