Sanitization and Advertising: Two paths crossed in one escalator

November 26, 2022         

"It is insufficient to advise visitors or travelers to practice proper hand hygiene. A system that ensures continuous sterilization of surfaces that come into contact with a high number of people is required."

During the pandemic, many large commercials have realized they need to sanitize all their facilities, particularly the most touchable areas like escalators. Because they are typically impractical and employ harmful chemicals, sanitizing and disinfection companies were not always a successful way to sanitize escalators.

Another impact the pandemic had was on advertising methods, and since advertising is often seen as a “window to the world,” Brigid Innovation had to do something about it.

Elimination of germs during disinfection of handrails

The Brigid Innovation Escalator Handrail Sanitizer/PLUS uses UV-C ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9% of germs from escalator and conveyor belt handrails, providing greater safety in high-traffic areas.

The physical sanitization process that employs UVC lighting technology sanitizes escalator handrails in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The design of the external installation requires no work on new or existing escalators.

Thanks to its patented auto-adjust chassis, our innovative device is adaptable to any escalator and works with digital signage software.

Escalator Advertising Solution

Escalators are everywhere and glaringly obvious. Just imagine if you could capitalize on their noticeability to increase awareness of your brand. With an AdScreen installed on escalators, you can turn those enormous escalators into an advertisement for your company.

One of the most effective ways of advertising is continuous exposure. Escalator ads work for you around the clock, invading your customers' purchasing minds deeper and deeper with each passing day.

Brigid Innovation created an Escalator AdScreen designed to make the most of people's attention to content. You can customize your Ad and share it on high-resolution screens for an effective and creative advertisement.

Escalators are sanitized and ready for your creative ads after a single-time setup.

Escalators are sanitized and ready for your creative ads after a single-time setup.

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