Surface Disinfection: A Band-Aid for Public Health

November 19, 2022         

Over the years, many methods and theories about the most effective and cost-friendly disinfection technique have been examined, with UV-C light being a key player in the air, water, and surface disinfection process.

Surfaces that are directly touched by the skin, notably the hand, can be a source of disease transmission to mankind. Frequently touched surfaces can become increasingly contaminated if no remedial action is taken.

Based on a field experiment, Brigid Innovation has studied the microorganisms on hand-touch surfaces in public transport systems; the samples were collected from several surfaces in trains, stations, and buses.

Antimicrobial and self-cleaning surfaces: Efficacy proven for surface disinfectants.

Microorganisms on surfaces in public areas have no set limit, and cleaning efficiency is poorly regulated. Surfaces in these locations are frequently polluted. Therefore, rules should be implemented to evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of these locations' disinfection processes and guidelines. A better solution would be a greater level of microbiological defense on surfaces that are used in public areas.

“UV-C is proven to disinfect colonized surfaces by reducing many bacteria and viruses in a single cycle”.

Several  innovative measures have been developed to prevent the spread of infection on these surfaces. A notable example is the application of UV light to contaminated surfaces, which appears to be a promising alternative for use in public spaces like large businesses and institutions, presenting innovative solutions that don't require human elements, such as automated disinfection gadgets.

Escalator and Travelator Handrail Sanitization

In support of its theories and studies about surface distinction importance, our team has devised an innovative product that automatically disinfects and cleans escalator and travelator handrails in any communal space such as subway stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. This product eliminates the most frequent threats that safety and public health face constantly.

Be safe, be confident With An Evidence-Based Solution.

Escalators are sanitized and ready for your creative ads after a single-time setup.

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