Brigid Innovation Offers Self-sanitized Handrails

November 19, 2022         

Recent research has found that many serious diseases, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, are frequently transmitted from infected surfaces to fingers, eyes, nose, or mouth. While scientists initially believed that COVID-19 mainly spread through airborne contamination, new research indicates that contaminated surfaces are also dangerous to our health.

In 2020, Brigid Innovation's leading minds and operations patented an idea to reduce the constant exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses on public surfaces, which are fast channels for spreading viruses and bacteria, by disinfecting escalator handrails and door handles using UV-C light.

Three blue-glowing UVC lamps emit the most powerful UV beams. As the escalator's handrail loops around and around, it receives a full blast of germ-killing radiation. The power box can be installed on any escalator, which to others, is "The Biggest Challenge."

Brigid Box technology physically sanitizes the handrails of escalators and travelators efficiently and is environmentally friendly. Escalators, whether new or old, won't need to undergo any maintenance as part of the exterior installation design.

Another component of the Brigid Box installation on escalators is an AdScreen, which displays rich graphical content and allows you to reach out to a captive audience of tenants and visitors, making it an ideal way to capture people's attention and deliver targeted communication.

From Germany spreading to the rest of the world, Brigid Innovation ensures health, safety, and security in public areas while providing you with a space for your advertising creativity.