Brigid innovation prepares to escalate into the MENA region. 

November 17, 2022         

As a prime example of a COVID counterattack institution, a thriving innovative platform, and a designer of leading tech in Germany, Brigid innovation seeks more opportunities in the MENA region, supplying large commercials, and local, and private facilities with their UV-C disinfection technology.

The disinfection of ultrasound probes by manually soaking them in an antiseptic solution is a standard procedure maintained in healthcare facilities. However, with the advent of many life-threatening pathogens, scientists across the globe have developed various technologically advanced disinfection procedures.

Brigid Innovation's lead minds and operations have established an approach to counterattack the consistent exposure to COVID-19’s primary transmission through public areas with dense passenger flow, which are fast channels for spreading viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to its "Patent" auto-adjust chassis, Brigid innovation's cutting-edge device is compatible with digital signage software and can be changed to fit any escalator, high-quality displays are created to optimize the impact of people's attention to content. Displaying information such as instructions, gates, utilities, or even advertisements across the elevator screen can be operated with a single click. Brigid innovation technologies have existed for a long time. This has demonstrated proven experience in the industry, unique in its length, and has given us unsurpassed know-how. 

As a state-of-the-art innovative healthcare solution, Brigid Innovation has prepared a plan to scale into the MENA region and spread awareness of its theoretical advancement. Public awareness regarding this matter has caught attention during the pandemic lifespan. However, people’s proper behavior toward this issue remains rational, so suitable instruments that guarantee their safety must be implemented, no matter how careless some can be.

We at Brigid innovation believe in our mission that states "Public health and safety come first".